Taiwan’s first all-electric bus to be accredited by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications is now operational and deployed by the Taipei Bus, Hsinchu Bus, and Kaohsiung Bus Companies.

The RAC EV Bus is an energy-efficient, zero carbon footprint electric bus that effectively curbs noise and air pollution in urban centers. Designed for easier and safer access for the elderly, disabled, pregnant women, and children, the bus features an ergonomic low-floor entrance, a wheelchair and guide dog area, as well as a dedicated storage compartment. This also reduces idle time in bus stops and greatly decreases operating costs for mass transit systems while enhancing efficiency. The bus offers a quiet, stable and comfortable experience for passengers, with acceleration and gradeability that excels over conventional diesel-powered buses


RAC Core Competency
Safety、Quality、Performance、Intelligent Management

Germany WABCO Braking System,ZF Drive system:Germany WABCO—Regenerative braking system。
Traction motor IP67, Inverter IP67:Motor-European design, Taiwan OEM. The Inverter is designed and manufactured in Germany. Water and dust proof .
Japanese AESC (NMC) lithium battery:High density, excellent cycle life, Nissan Leaf- sales of nearly 500,000 cars, none reported case on battery on fire issue, IP67 waterproof, dustproof, 48V modular design, easy replacement ; BMS- technology from Japan,active balancing technology to ensure battery life.
CNS:Comply with CNS charging system criteria.

Vehicle body is well design with light weight concept and great balance in order to achieve excellent road handling. Compliance to Ministry of Communications listed 6 majors performance expectation such as gradeability; speed performance and torque performance.

High efficiency for maintenance , short Lead time turn around; use European and Japanese key components, quality assurance.

●Intelligent Management System
HMI is fully intelligent Human-Machine-Interface, and the control is made easy.
Self-diagnosis system, vehicle control unit- full automation (drive, brake, suspension ECAS)
Supervisor can utilize backend cloud management platform to keep abreast of the operation.
Smart charging system helps to refine operating cost.


Top Speed
110 km/hr
Range Fully Loaded
240 - 260 km
Low energy consumption
< 1 kW-H
  • Dimensions
    11980 x 2500 x 3216 mm
  • Motor
    Liquid-cooled Synchronous Reluctance assisted Permanent Magnet (SRPM) Motor
  • Axle Track
    5800 mm
  • Power Output
    Rated 189 kW
  • Weight
    12140 kg
  • Front and Rear Axle
    ZF RL85A / ZF AV133
  • Passenger Capacity (Seated/Standing)
    26 + 2 / 30
  • Brake System
    WABCO full-pressure dual-circuit front and rear disc brakes equipped with ABS
  • Gradeability
    > 30%
  • Auxiliary Brake System
    Regenerative Braking System
  • Charging Time
    < 4 - 6 hrs
  • Gearbox
    5-speed manual transmission
  • Battery Cell Capacity
    282 kWh
  • Operating System
    RAC-designed Vehicle Control Unit (VCU)