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We believe in the infinite possibilities of the “green energy movement”

Transient Bus Company Driving Route Number of vehicles
Bus/Medium Bus
Daily Driving Km
Power supply Type
30/60/120kW Powertrain Motors
Shin-Shin Bus #66 Line Bus 12/0 185 0/12/0
Radium Life Tech Co New Taipei Perfect Life 0/3 120 3/0/0
Taipei Bus SanXia Taipei University Line 2/0 130 0/2/0
National Taipei University of Technology Campus Connection 0/1 80 1/0/0
Taoyuan Bus Zhongli PingZhen Line 0/18 120 15/3/0
Taoyuan Bus Taoyuan BaDe Line 7/0 170 0/5/2
Daxi District Office citizens Free Bus 0/2 150 2/0/0
Hsinchu Bus Nan Liu Hsinchu Technology Park Line 6/0 180 0/5/1
Yosomite Bus Hsinchu High Speed rail line 2/3 170 3/1/1
Yosomite Bus Hsinchu Science Park 0/4 120 4/0/0
KU Bus TSMC Hsinchu Factory 0/9 180 7/2/0
Chuan Hang Tourism Blue 2 Left ring Line 2/0 168 0/2/0
Mobiletron Factory connection 0/1 X 1/0/0
Mobiletron Taichung Flora Expo Connection 1/0 X 0/1/0
Nantou Bus Sun Moon Lake Ring Route 3/0 185 0/3/0
JC-EV Bus Alishan Amusement Park 0/10 135 8/2/0
Parking Now 168 Southern National Palace Museum Park 0/2 120 2/0/0
Yosomite Bus Tainan Technology Park Connection line 0/11 120 11/0/0
Kaohsiung Bus Kaohsiung Qishan Line 11/0 220 0/9/2
South Taiwan Bus Jian-Guan Line 9/0 180 0/7/2
South Taiwan Bus (expected delivery 2019/5) Kaisyuan - Sizihwan 14/0 185 0/14/0
Pingdong Bus DaPeng Bay National Scenic Area 0/2 120 1/1/0
Indigenous Center Connection bus, Tour bus 0/4 120 4/0/0
Kuo-Kung Motor Transportation Yilan Nanfangao Line 3/0 180 2/1/0
Philippines Manila 1/0 180 0/1/0
Total - 73/70 - 64/71/8

Our main business is the development and manufacture of electric commercial vehicles.

RAC EV’s electric low-floor bus is the first government-certified electric bus in Taiwan.


RAC Electric Vehicles Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "RAC") is a legally accredited vehicular manufacturer in Taiwan. Since 2008, we have been able to create and develop innovative and environmentally friendly vehicles that meet the government’s energy efficient and carbon footprint reduction initiatives and play an active role in exploring the infinite possibilities of the green energy movement.

Electric buses are energy-efficient, low-noise vehicles with zero-carbon emission, and can save huge operating costs for mass transit systems. RAC is committed to the development and manufacture of its self-branded electric buses and has successfully integrated industry and supply chain alliances to now have the capability of integrated vehicle design, power management system development, comprehensive charging services and the establishment of repair, maintenance and training programs.

Corporate culture

"Speed, change and innovation" are the values embodied by RAC as it continues to create amazing green technology products in Taiwan with a sense of agility, bold change and innovation.


Since the establishment of RAC, its mandate has been the creation of infinite possibilities through the "green energy movement.” Pure electric large-sized buses are the best way to achieve this ideal. Starting from the most fundamental aspect of "movement," everyone can travel back and forth between cities in the form of "zero carbon emissions." by changing the way everyone travels, the results of environmental protection and energy conservation will be given back to nature and society in the form of green hills, clear skies, and clean water.

RAC is committed to the development of pure electric vehicles. In addition to its commitment to the green energy industry, it hopes to integrate Taiwan's electric vehicle-related component suppliers into a powerful industrial complex through a vehicle manufacturing platform. The industrial ecosystem has pushed Taiwan's electric vehicle self-manufacture rate to over 60%, giving “made in Taiwan” electric vehicles an absolute competitive advantage in the global electric vehicle manufacturing field and in creating another industry highlight for Taiwan.

Core competency

RAC has in recent years achieved a market share of over 50% of Taiwan’s EV bus market and has gained practical experience in developing the EV buses for use in different scenarios.


RAC is the first VSCC- approved EV manufacturer in Taiwan, and boasts of a vehicle design and manufacturing plant with in-house design capabilities that creates added value of more than 60% to the domestic supply chain. In recent years, RAC has occupied more than 50% of the domestic electric bus market and obtained valuable experience in operating the vehicles in various scenarios. This experience will help RAC to further improve the technical specifications and quality of electric buses, and promote the development of the domestic supply chain industry and improve the international competitiveness of electric buses and related industries.

In march 28th 2018, a new 600v high-voltage model was released that meets international standards. The net weight of the car, at around 12 tons, is the world's lightest electric bus within the same 12-meter class. With a full-load range of ≥260km and gradeability of 30%, this new bus is suitable for all terrains and features a top speed of 110km/h, which meets the national highway requirements. These specifications not only meet the performance standards of conventional diesel-powered buses, but has also eliminated the shortcomings of air pollution and noise, and greatly reduce the operating costs.

The key components of the EV bus are designed by RAC in-house and developed in cooperation with domestic component manufacturers. RAC independently designs the chassis, body, power system, electronic control system, structural integration and manufacturing. RAC’s products have received national standards certification(CNS) issued by the ministry of economic affairs, and have passed the six performance evaluation specifications and 200,000 km endurance testing standards decreed by the ministry of transportation and communication. Actual vehicle performance has now exceeded global market standards.

The most critical aspect of an EV bus is its battery management system (BMS). RAC has introduced the world's latest active cell balancing technology with licensed technology from the university of Tokyo, Japan. The BMS, manufactured by Mobiletron Co., Ltd., is able to extend battery life to 5 years, and can offer a range of at least 200 kilometers per day. Through leveraging this technology, it is possible to re-use recycled battery cells as a secondary energy storage unit, and thus create the highest added value of a battery cell.

For software, RAC has independently developed strategic technology for VCU integration, adopting the international standard can bus system architecture, interface development and VCU integration. The modular controller is fully integrated with the vehicle controller. To address the needs of the development of smart cities for the future and big data analytics, the vehicle features an intelligent remote vehicle power management system, remote monitoring and interactive central control cloud platform. This allows for easier monitoring and effective management of vehicle and driving conditions. Big data analytics will also help achieve repair and maintenance forecasting and improve the longevity rate of the vehicle, while reducing operating and maintenance costs, thus making the vehicle more competitive in the market.

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