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Mobiletron Co.,Ltd.

Mobiletron is dedicated to the development of automotive parts, components and industry tools

Mobiletron has expanded from 2 employees into a global enterprise with over 1,000 employees and has foothold in markets and business territories worldwide, including the U.S.A., the U.K. And China.

“Reputable, responsible, reliable, research” have been the underlying corporate philosophy of Mobiletron ever since its establishment in 1982. incorporated with a capital of only NTD1.2 million, Mobiletron has expanded into an enterprise from 2 to over 1,000 employees, and has a foothold in markets and business territories worldwide, including the U.S.A., the U.K., and China.

Mobiletron has long been dedicated to the development of automotive parts and components and industry tools. The electronics division is the top-notch professional manufacturer of spare parts of engine management and vehicle safety system products in Taiwan. The products cover alternator's voltage regulators, rectifiers, high power rectifier, ignition module, wireless tire pressure monitoring system(TPMS), around view system(AVM) and night vision system. The company has developed more than 2,000 types of products. Through the integration with electronic and mechanical technology, the tools division has successfully emerged as the most professional researcher, developer and manufacturer of electric car charging tool and digital tool in Asia.

Mobiletron is a company capable of building up the technological-know-how in optoelectronics, microelectronics, electronic controller software and hardware, and the processing of precision machinery in the industry. In the area of automotive electronic parts and components, the company is specialized in the research of production process for high power thick film substrate, digital single chips, high reliability high power semi-electronic encapsulation. Through the investment in companies running operations in high power semiconductors and microelectronics, the company can integrate the technologies for the development of single chips or multiple-function MCU power alternator’s regulators and rectifier. The wireless tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) rests with the development of RF technology. With the integration of the vehicle use lithium battery management technology and the RF antennae technology, the company can make the most energy efficient and high reception capacity products in the industry. Further to the research and development of high performance mechanical structural technology lithium battery module encapsulation technology and quick charging technology in the area of electrical tools, the company has also established a green energy division to address market demands for smarter and greener solutions. Mobiletron will continue the development of products related to "smart", "efficient power systems" and "energy storage" solutions. With respect to smart solutions, Mobiletron is cooperating with domestic and foreign scientific research institutions and universities to develop unmanned vehicles, transparent management platforms and vehicle intelligent safety systems platforms. In terms of power systems solutions, products that have been successfully commercialized include: power single-chip multi-function generator regulator, BSG (belt-driven starter generator) module, motor control system and power module. In terms of energy storage, we have successfully produced the most advanced battery management system (BMS) with a first-class university technology team in Japan.

Mobiletron has never ceased to learn and innovate ever since its establishment, and has built a solid and strong core competence and a total quality control system. It has been accredited by the IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 management systems, and won the national quality award and the SME award. Mobiletron has sold its products to more than 100 countries all over the world.

Notes to the logo of the Mobiletron group


“Automobile” represents the media for communication. The logo of Mobiletron is a derivative version of the capital letter “m” in English, meaning fast growth as if flying and the explicit manifestation of its quest for excellence and ceaseless breakthrough.

The 3 spots in the pattern constitute the core resources of the enterprise, implicating the “vision,” “mission” and “value” of the enterprise and also tacitly imply that 3 persons constitute a learning experience. With communication and interaction, the enterprise will enjoy perpetual growth.


Blue- sky, representing the quest for technological -know-how yet to be explored.Green- land, representing the responsibility of environmental protection.Red- people, representing a positive attitude, concern, and service mentality.


In advancing to the 21st century, Mobiletron shall accomplish the mission of the “advocacy of social improvement and happiness in living” with a brand new corporate symbolic spirit and through its excellence in technology for higher energy conversion efficiency, and contribute to the protection of our environment.