Corporate Social Responsibility and Commitment

  • Strict adherence to laws, regulations and business ethics, with a comprehensive management system, structured business operations for sound corporate management.
  • The company will provide a safe, comfortable, healthy and happy work environment for all employees, with a clear vision and goal for personal talent development and enhancement of team competitiveness.
  • Key target indicators are achieved through on the job training programs that are structured on the core competency assessment of each department.
  • Continuous innovation is core to enhancing our competitiveness, in order to maximize shareholder value.
  • Implement environmentally-friendly measures to reduce carbon footprint, such as deploying energy-efficient and low energy consumption product designs and manufacturing.
  • Take care of the community, and encourage employees to participate in social philanthropy activities to create a more caring and warm society.
  • Ensure customers, vendors, and employees work amicably on the long term towards mutual benefit and growth in a symbiotic relationship.

Environmental Protection

  • The company implements sustainable waste disposal measures and recycles/reuses all paper materials.
  • The factory area is clearly divided into areas of responsibility, and all levels of management will actively ensure workplace environmental safety and health management.
  • The company will enhance consciousness of energy saving and reduction carbon footprint among employees at work, such as implementing measures on paper recycling and closing lights when not in use, as well as awareness of environmental protection issues and digitalization to prevent paper waste. At a period in time when climate change and sustainable use of resources have become critical topics around the world, RAC will continue to push for “green transportation,” and manifest the belief in “low-carbon footprint transportation tools” as a core competitive advantage of the company.

Social Philanthropy

Mr. Kim Tsai, the Chairman of RAC Electric Vehicles, Inc. has been nominated and appointed as an advisor to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Executive Yuan, and is a Vice-Chairman of the Mainland Affairs Council of the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association and Chairman of the Entrepreneur Club Taiwan. He is also a Board Director of many organizations, such as the Chinese Excellent Management Association (CEMA; realigned from National Quality Award Winner' s Club), the Straits Economic & Cultural Interchange Association, the Taiwan Development Institute, Taiwan Literacy Association, Taichung City Cultural Association, Taichung City Symphony Orchestra Fund, and a Council Member of Entrepreneur Seminar Council of Tunghai University. He is a passionate advocate and contributor to industry and cultural development.